What Is Icecat CSP?

What is Icecat? Icecat NV is a multinational distributor and producer of product content for offline and online channels. Icecat product content distributor provides millions of data sheets in numerous world languages spread through diverse sales and marketing channels overseas. Icecat content service provider believes that by using one global Icecat product catalog, e-commerce may be sustained. Icecat integration supports all forms of media and e-commerce in addition to any product or service.

Solutions For Brands

Icecat CSP offers the following solutions to brands and manufacturers:

Structured Content

With Icecat, every channel of a brand’s product content is delivered in a unified format so that it may be easily implemented. This makes it possible for shoppers to search, contrast, and filter products. The data model of Icecat contains product verticals in more than 60 languages and supports all merchandise categories. Marketing experts assist product proprietors in developing their product visibility by providing the Product Information Management Icecat catalog. Digital Rights Management protects the brand’s syndication policy, which ranges from open to restricted.

Rich Content

Retailers can use Product Stories to boost their conversion rate. Consumers will believe they are handling the product when they see enhanced product descriptions on store pages. There are several functional content blocks in the Icecat product catalog. Brand Product Story creation can be executed by the Icecat design and development team. Icecat crew can assist you in developing Product Stories for every product.


On Free Vendor Central, the brands’ product content is organized and automatically consumed by selected channel partners. Large retailers and distributors are already integrated with Vendor Central. AS Icecat CSP offers product content to all brands, retailers, and e-commerce vendors, they are able to distribute that content to each other. To help customers make more sustainable buying decisions, the Icecat catalog contains product content from all categories. The Icecat taxonomy and editorial crew provide compatibility with modern global platforms, including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and GSI.

Data Capture

Icecat offers numerous ways of collecting content:

ETL Engine

Icecat PIM system can easily add Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) brand content to syndicate it with various channels.


Customers can add their content to a data file via matrices. The Icecat crew may add matrices to Icecat PIM.

Push API

Large datasets of brands’ SKU can benefit from Push API in the Icecat PIM system.

Web Crawling

Bots can download all brand content to the website via web crawling and add it to the Icecat PIM.


The good old tradition to add content manually is still alive.


Customers can combine all these techniques to upload their content.


Online review data is collected and structured before being optimized for online integration. Expert reviews are highly trusted and thus have a significant impact on purchasing decisions. Consumers can vote on the usefulness of a product through a review award and reviews submitted to retailers by online shoppers. You can add reviews to your product pages and send visitors to your most important online retailers by using our review aggregator service. All reviews and data are available in summary form. You can get information about a retailer’s feature ratings and the summary per retailer.

Solutions For Content Users

For content users, Icecat CSP provides numerous solutions as well.

Structured Content

Does your site need to provide full coverage of structured content?

Icecat product catalog provides compelling structured content to help online shoppers make the best purchasing decision. It covers a wide range of products with unique, compelling content throughout each category. The category tree is universal and detailed. It gives customers shipping and ordering data as well as their orders. Filters are built around structured searchable for all key features. There is basic content that includes descriptions, reasons to buy, pictures, PDFs, and specs. It also has rich media. These include videos, 3D tours, and product stories to enrich pages.

Rich Content

Icecat combines various multimedia assets and follows a particular brand’s look and feel to produce enhanced content. The purpose of this content is to boost product page conversion and sales, as well as support a brand’s marketing with content that is rich. The following are containers: Videos, 3D Tours, and Carousel images.

Product Stories have multiple containers. 3D tour offers the product in 360 degrees. You can zoom in, out, and turn it in any direction, the 360-degree video is available. Carousel images contain multiple images of the product. The images featured in the catalog .JPG and .PNG are resized for desktop and mobile use and are available. Hotspots highlight small features of the product.

Content Subscription

If you subscribe to any type of content you can get it cheaper for subscription rates.


Why should you care about expert reviews? Allowing customers to trust the product page with the presence of reviews is a positive impact during the entire product cycle. There are several ways to integrate expert reviews via API or XML, giving customers an easy way to consume them. Expert reviews can be consumed in 25+ languages, including award images, pros and cons, and scores.

Content Management

Icecat provides free PIM for your content, including seamless Icecat integration, a portfolio that is easy to match, easy integration with data-in interfaces and cloud platforms, and free of charge.

Who Uses Icecat Content Service Provider

Icecat CSP is working with hundreds of brands. Among them are Acer, Barbie, Asus, Chicco, Motorola, Teka, Huawei, Corel, Indesit, Intel, Tefal, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Avent, and various other brands.

Icecat CSP Alternatives

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